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How to post your email address online without getting a ton of spam

Use this tool to easily encrypt your email address so that you can post it online and not start getting spam to it.
What it does is give you some Javascript code which creates a link to your email address, that you can paste online anywhere.

Just fill out the short form below and you'll get a little bit of Javascript code. Paste that code in any HTML page where you want to publish your e-mail address but don't want to start getting spam to it.

How it works

This form generates some Javascript code that creates an encrypted mailto link. So spam bots wont be able to understand your email address when they scan the site but when users click on it they can just send you a regular email.

To generate the code just enter your email address, the title of the link, and click "Get The Code" (you can also enter an email subject if you want).
The "Result HTML" will contain HTML that prints the mailto link.
Copy the result and paste it in a HTML page (wherever you want your link to appear).

If you feel free typing HTML by hand then choose "Encrypt Free-Text" and enter whatever HTML you want to be encrypted (otherwise just leave the "Encrypt Mailto" selected).

Encrypt Mailto    Encrypt Free-Text
Title (optional):
Subject (optional):

Result HTML (copy this and paste it in your HTML page):

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