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JavaScript/Object Model Mega Xref

This page provides one-click access to Netscape's and Microsoft's official JavaScript and Object Model documentation.

Element Type Description MS Docs Ns Docs
! JS Operator Logical NOT Microsoft Netscape
$1...$9 JS Property Pattern matching properties Microsoft n/a
& JS Operator Bitwise AND Microsoft Netscape
&& JS Operator Logical AND Microsoft Netscape
>> JS Operator Bitwise right shift Microsoft Netscape
>>> JS Operator Unsigned bitwise right shift Microsoft Netscape
<< JS Operator Bitwise left shift Microsoft Netscape
<= JS Operator Less than or equal to Microsoft Netscape
++ JS Operator Increment by 1 Microsoft Netscape
, JS Operator Comma operator Microsoft Netscape
- JS Operator Subtraction, unary negation Microsoft Netscape
-- JS Operator Decrease by 1 Microsoft Netscape
/ JS Operator Divide Microsoft Netscape
/*..*/ JS Statement Multiline comment Microsoft Netscape
// JS Statement Single-line comment Microsoft Netscape
< JS Operator Less than Microsoft Netscape
= JS Operator Assignment operator Microsoft Netscape
= = JS Operator Test for equality Microsoft Netscape
? JS Operator Conditional trinary operator Microsoft Netscape
@cc_on JS Statement Conditional compilation Microsoft n/a
@if JS Statement Conditional IF Microsoft n/a
@set JS Statement Conditional compilation Microsoft n/a
^ JS Operator Bitwise XOR Microsoft Netscape
| JS Operator Bitwise OR Microsoft Netscape
~ JS Operator Bitwise NOT Microsoft Netscape
A HTML Object Hyperlink or target object Microsoft Netscape
abs() JS Method Absolute value Microsoft Netscape
accessKey OM Property Get/set accelerator key Microsoft n/a
acos() JS Method Arccosine Microsoft Netscape
acronym HTML Object Acronym abbreviation object Microsoft n/a
action OM Property Get/set form ACTION= attribute Microsoft Netscape
activeElement OM Property Identifies element with the focus Microsoft n/a
ActiveXObject JS Object Automation object reference Microsoft n/a
add() OM Method Add element to collection Microsoft n/a
address HTML Object Address text object Microsoft n/a
alert() OM Method Display Alert message box Microsoft Netscape
align OM Property Get/set element alignment Microsoft n/a
aLink OM Property Get/set active link color Microsoft n/a
alinkColor OM Property Get/set active hyperlink color Microsoft Netscape
all OM Collection Collection of all objects Microsoft n/a
alt OM Property Get/set image alternate text Microsoft n/a
altKey OM Property Get/set status of Alt key Microsoft n/a
anchor() JS Method Create named target Microsoft Netscape
anchors OM Collection All target objects Microsoft Netscape
appCodeName OM Property Get browser code name Microsoft Netscape
applet HTML Object Java applet object Microsoft Netscape
applets OM Collection All Java applet objects Microsoft Netscape
appName OM Property Detect client browser name Microsoft Netscape
appVersion OM Property Detect client browser version Microsoft Netscape
area HTML Object Hot spot object Microsoft Netscape
areas OM Collection Area objects in image map Microsoft Netscape
arguments JS Property Array containing passed arguments Microsoft Netscape
arity OM Property How many arguments function expects n/a Netscape
Array JS Object Create array Microsoft Netscape
asin() JS Method Arcsine Microsoft Netscape
atan() JS Method Arctangent Microsoft Netscape
atan2() JS Method Angle in radians Microsoft Netscape
atEnd() JS Method End of collection Microsoft n/a
B HTML Object Boldfaced text object Microsoft n/a
back() OM Method Go back in history list Microsoft Netscape
background OM Property Get/set background picture Microsoft n/a
backgroundAttachment OM Property Get/set scrolling status of background Microsoft n/a
backgroundColor OM Property Get/set document background color Microsoft n/a
backgroundImage OM Property Get/set background image Microsoft n/a
backgroundRepeat OM Property Get/set background tiling Microsoft n/a
base HTML Object Default URL/target object Microsoft n/a
basefont HTML Object Initial font definition object Microsoft n/a
behavior OM Property Determine how marquee text scrolls Microsoft n/a
bgColor OM Property Get/set background color Microsoft Netscape
bgProperties OM Property Get/set watermark capability Microsoft n/a
bgsound HTML Object Background sound object Microsoft n/a
big HTML Object Relatively large text object Microsoft n/a
big() JS Method Insert <BIG> tags Microsoft Netscape
blink() JS Method Insert <BLINK> tags Microsoft Netscape
blockquote HTML Object Indented text object Microsoft n/a
blur() OM Method Remove cursor from field Microsoft Netscape
body HTML Object Document body object Microsoft n/a
bold() JS Method Insert <B> tags Microsoft Netscape
Boolean JS Object True/False value Microsoft Netscape
border OM Property Border thickness Microsoft Netscape
borderBottomColor OM Property Bottom border color Microsoft n/a
borderBottomStyle OM Property Bottom border style Microsoft n/a
borderBottomWidth OM Property Bottom border width Microsoft n/a
borderColor OM Property Bottom border color Microsoft n/a
borderColorDark OM Property 3D border dark color Microsoft n/a
borderColorLight OM Property 3D border light color Microsoft n/a
borderLeftColor OM Property Left border color Microsoft n/a
borderLeftStyle OM Property Left border style Microsoft n/a
borderLeftWidth OM Property Left border width Microsoft n/a
borderRightColor OM Property Right border color Microsoft n/a
borderRightStyle OM Property Right border style Microsoft n/a
borderRightWidth OM Property Right border width Microsoft n/a
borderTopColor OM Property Top border color Microsoft n/a
borderTopStyle OM Property Top border style Microsoft n/a
borderTopWidth OM Property Top border width Microsoft n/a
br HTML Object Line break object Microsoft n/a
break JS Statement Terminate loop Microsoft Netscape
bufferDepth OM Property Get/set off-screen bitmap buffer Microsoft n/a
button HTML Object Form button object Microsoft Netscape
button OM Property Detect mouse button pressed Microsoft n/a
button (MSIE) HTML Object MSIE4 button object Microsoft n/a
caller JS Property Name of calling function Microsoft Netscape
cancelBubble OM Property Get/set event's buoyancy Microsoft n/a
caption HTML Object Table caption object Microsoft n/a
captureEvents() OM Method Set capture events n/a Netscape
ceil() JS Method Round to smallest integer Microsoft Netscape
cellPadding OM Property Space between cell borders/content Microsoft n/a
cells OM Collection All cells in a table row Microsoft n/a
cellSpacing OM Property Space between cells in a table Microsoft n/a
center HTML Object Centered object Microsoft n/a
charAt() JS Method Position of character in string Microsoft Netscape
charCodeAt() JS Method Unicode encoding of character Microsoft Netscape
charset OM Property Get/set document character set Microsoft n/a
checkbox HTML Object Checkbox field object Microsoft Netscape
checked OM Property Clear/select checkbox or radio button Microsoft Netscape
children OM Collection All children of an element Microsoft n/a
cite HTML Object Citation text object Microsoft n/a
classID OM Property Class ID of ActiveX control Microsoft n/a
className OM Property Get/set class of tag Microsoft n/a
clear OM Property Get/set BR tag CLEAR= attribute Microsoft n/a
clearInterval() JS Method Clear a setInterval() timer n/a Netscape
clearTimeout() OM Method Clear a setTimeout() timer Microsoft Netscape
click() OM Method Simulates a mouse click Microsoft Netscape
close() OM Method Close output stream to document Microsoft Netscape
closed OM Property Closed status of a window Microsoft Netscape
code OM Property Filename of compiled Java class Microsoft n/a
code HTML Object Monospaced text object Microsoft n/a
codeBase OM Property URL of an object's implementation Microsoft n/a
codeType OM Property Value of object's CODETYPE attribute Microsoft n/a
col HTML Object Table column object Microsoft n/a
colgroup HTML Object Group of table columns object Microsoft n/a
color OM Property Get/set element color property Microsoft n/a
colorDepth OM Property Client color depth Microsoft n/a
cols OM Property Columns in table, frameset, textbox Microsoft n/a
colSpan OM Property Columns a table cell should span Microsoft n/a
comment HTML Object Comment object Microsoft n/a
compact OM Property Get/set compact list style Microsoft n/a
Comparison Operators JS Operator Comparison operators Microsoft Netscape
compile() JS Method Compile an expression Microsoft n/a
complete OM Property Fires after element has loaded Microsoft Netscape
Compound Operators JS Operator +=. *=, and others Microsoft Netscape
concat() (array) JS Method Join two arrays Microsoft Netscape
concat() (string) JS Method Join two strings Microsoft Netscape
confirm() OM Method Display Confirmation message Microsoft Netscape
constructor JS Property Create an object Microsoft Netscape
contains() OM Method Does element contain.? Microsoft n/a
continue JS Statement Start loop over Microsoft Netscape
cookie OM Property Get/set cookie Microsoft Netscape
cookieEnabled OM Property Get client "Accept Cookies" status Microsoft n/a
coords OM Property Get/set hot spot settings Microsoft n/a
cos() JS Method Cosine Microsoft Netscape
createElement() OM Method Create instance of element Microsoft n/a
createRange() OM Method Copy of currently selected range Microsoft n/a
createTextRange() OM Method Return a range over a stream Microsoft n/a
cssText OM Property Get/set persisted representation of rule Microsoft n/a
ctrlKey OM Property Get control key status Microsoft n/a
data OM Property Get URL to an object's data Microsoft n/a
Data Type Conversion JS Data Type Jscript Data Types Microsoft n/a
dataFld OM Property Bind data field to element Microsoft n/a
dataFormatAs OM Property Render as Text or HTML Microsoft n/a
dataSrc OM Property Source of data for databinding Microsoft n/a
Date JS Object Client PC system date Microsoft Netscape
DD HTML Object Definition object Microsoft n/a
defaultChecked OM Property Get/set checkbox default status Microsoft Netscape
defaultSelected OM Property Get/set slect box default selection Microsoft Netscape
defaultStatus OM Property Get/set default status bar message Microsoft Netscape
defaultValue OM Property Get/set default value for form field Microsoft n/a
del HTML Object Deleted text object Microsoft n/a
delete JS Operator Remove array element or object property Microsoft Netscape
dfn HTML Object Definition term object Microsoft n/a
dialogAruments OM Property Arguments passed to HTML dialog Microsoft n/a
Dictionary JS Object Data dictionary Microsoft n/a
dimensions() JS Method Number of dimensions in VBArray Microsoft n/a
dir HTML Object Directory list object Microsoft n/a
direction OM Property Get/set marquee scrollidirection Microsoft n/a
disabled OM Property Get/set DISABLED attribute Microsoft n/a
disableExternalCapture() OM Method Disable external event capture n/a Netscape
display OM Property Get/set CSS display attribute Microsoft n/a
div HTML Object Division of content object Microsoft n/a
dl HTML Object Definition list object Microsoft n/a
do...while JS Statement Conditional loop Microsoft Netscape
document HTML Object Entire HTML document object Microsoft Netscape
domain OM Property Get/set document's security domain Microsoft Netscape
dt HTML Object Definition term object Microsoft n/a
duplicate() OM Method Returns duplicate of range Microsoft n/a
dynsrc OM Property Get/set video clip Microsoft n/a
E JS Property Base of natural logarithms Microsoft Netscape
elementFromPoint() OM Method Element at specified xy coordinates Microsoft n/a
elements OM Collection All form elements Microsoft Netscape
em HTML Object Emphasized text object Microsoft n/a
embed HTML Object Embedded object Microsoft n/a
embeds OM Collection All embedded elements Microsoft Netscape
empty() OM Method Deselect the current selection Microsoft n/a
enabledPlugin OM Property Get name of mime-type's plug-in n/a Netscape
enableExternalCapture() OM Method Enable external event capturing n/a Netscape
Enumerator JS Object Enumerate items in collection Microsoft n/a
escape() JS Method Unicode characters Microsoft Netscape
eval() JS Method Execute a string Microsoft Netscape
event HTML Object Event object Microsoft Netscape
event OM Property Get event bound to script Microsoft n/a
exec() JS Method Execute search for a match Microsoft n/a
execCommand() OM Method Execute command over range or selection Microsoft n/a
execScript() OM Method Execute a script Microsoft n/a
exp() JS Method Compute to power of e Microsoft Netscape
expand() OM Method Expand a range Microsoft n/a
export JS Statement Allow access to signed code n/a Netscape
external HTML Object External object model Microsoft n/a
face OM Property Get/set font typeface Microsoft n/a
fgColor OM Property Get/set text color Microsoft Netscape
fieldset HTML Object Multiple-field object Microsoft n/a
fileCreatedDate OM Property Date file was created Microsoft n/a
fileModifiedDate OM Property Date file was last modified Microsoft n/a
fileSize OM Property Size of a file, in bytes Microsoft n/a
FileSystemObject JS Object Access os file system Microsoft n/a
fileUpdatedDate OM Property Date file was last updated Microsoft n/a
fileUpload HTML Object File upload control on a form n/a Netscape
filter OM Property Filter applied to an element Microsoft n/a
filters OM Collection All filters applied to element Microsoft n/a
find() OM Method Search document n/a Netscape
fixed() JS Method Place <TT> tags around text Microsoft Netscape
floor() JS Method Smallest integer Microsoft Netscape
focus() OM Method Move cursor to form field Microsoft Netscape
font HTML Object Font definition object Microsoft n/a
fontcolor() JS Method Insert <FONT COLOR..> tags Microsoft Netscape
fontFamily OM Property Get/set style's font family Microsoft n/a
fontSize OM Property Get/set style's font size Microsoft n/a
fontsize() JS Method Insert <FONT SIZE..> tags Microsoft Netscape
fontStyle OM Property Get/set style's font-style Microsoft n/a
fontVariant OM Property Get/set style's font-variant Microsoft n/a
fontWeight OM Property Get/set style's font-weight Microsoft n/a
for JS Statement Looping statement Microsoft Netscape
for...in JS Statement Loop through array or properties Microsoft Netscape
form HTML Object Form object Microsoft Netscape
form OM Property Name of element's containing form Microsoft Netscape
forms OM Collection All forms in document Microsoft Netscape
forward() OM Method Move forward one URL in history list Microsoft Netscape
frame OM Property Appearance of table's border frame Microsoft n/a
frame HTML Object Frame object Microsoft Netscape
frameBorder OM Property Frame border visible? Microsoft n/a
frames OM Collection All window/frame objects Microsoft n/a
frameset HTML Object Frameset object Microsoft n/a
frameSpacing OM Property Get/set space between frames Microsoft n/a
fromCharCode() JS Method Convert from Unicode Microsoft Netscape
fromElement OM Property Get element focus just left Microsoft n/a
function JS Statement Define a custom function Microsoft Netscape
Function JS Object Create function object Microsoft Netscape
getDate() JS Method Day of month Microsoft Netscape
getDay() JS Method Day of week Microsoft Netscape
getFullYear() JS Method Four-digit year Microsoft n/a
getHours() JS Method Current hour Microsoft Netscape
getItem() JS Method Retrieve item from VBArray Microsoft n/a
getMember() OM Method Return value of a property n/a Netscape
getMilliseconds() JS Method Current millisecond Microsoft n/a
getMinutes() JS Method Current minute Microsoft Netscape
getMonth() JS Method Current month Microsoft Netscape
GetObject JS Function Automation object reference Microsoft n/a
getSeconds() JS Method Current second Microsoft Netscape
getSelection() JS Method Selected text n/a Netscape
getTime() JS Method Convert date to milliseconds Microsoft Netscape
getTimezoneOffset() JS Method Offset from Universal Coordinated Time Microsoft Netscape
getUTCDate() JS Method Universal Coord. Date Microsoft n/a
getUTCDay() JS Method Universal Coord day of week Microsoft n/a
getUTCFullYear() JS Method Universal Coord year (4-digit) Microsoft n/a
getUTCHours() JS Method Universal Coord hour Microsoft n/a
getUTCMilliseconds() JS Method Universal Coord millisecond Microsoft n/a
getUTCMinutes() JS Method Universal Coord minute Microsoft n/a
getUTCMonth() JS Method Universal Coord month Microsoft n/a
getUTCSeconds() JS Method Universal Coord second Microsoft n/a
getVarDate() JS Method Date in VT_DATE format Microsoft n/a
getYear() JS Method Current year (two-digit) Microsoft Netscape
Global JS Object Collect global methods Microsoft n/a
go() OM Method Navigate the history list Microsoft Netscape
h1..h6 HTML Object Heading objects Microsoft n/a
handleEvent() OM Method Invoke handler for event n/a Netscape
hash OM Property Get/set hash portion of URL Microsoft Netscape
head HTML Object Document header object Microsoft n/a
height OM Property Get/set height of element Microsoft Netscape
hidden HTML Object Hidden field on form Microsoft Netscape
history HTML Object History list object Microsoft Netscape
home() OM Method Jump to client's preferred home page n/a Netscape
host OM Property Get/set URL host and port Microsoft Netscape
hostname OM Property Get/set hostname portion of a URL Microsoft Netscape
hr HTML Object Horizontal rule object Microsoft n/a
href OM Property Get/set page's URL Microsoft Netscape
hspace OM Property Get/set element's horizontal margin Microsoft Netscape
html HTML Object Entire document object Microsoft n/a
htmlText OM Property Get the HTML source as HTML fragment Microsoft n/a
I HTML Object Italicized text object Microsoft n/a
id OM Property Get element's SGML identifier Microsoft n/a
if...else JS Statement Make a decision Microsoft Netscape
iframe HTML Object Inline floating frame object Microsoft n/a
ignoreCase JS Property Reads ignore case setting Microsoft n/a
image HTML Object INPUT TYPE=IMAGE image Microsoft Netscape
images OM Collection All images Microsoft Netscape
IMG HTML Object Graphic image object Microsoft Netscape
import JS Statement Import functions from signed script n/a Netscape
imports OM Collection All imported style sheets Microsoft n/a
indeterminate OM Property Checkbox gets gray "undetermined" look Microsoft n/a
index OM Property Get ordinal position of element in collection Microsoft n/a
index JS Property Starting position of string Microsoft n/a
indexOf() JS Method Position of substring in string Microsoft Netscape
Infinity JS Property Initial value of POSITIVE_INFINITY Microsoft n/a
innerHeight OM Property Height of the document window n/a Netscape
innerHTML OM Property Get/set HTML between a pair of tags Microsoft n/a
innerWidth OM Property Width of the document window n/a Netscape
INPUT HTML Object Form field object Microsoft n/a
input JS Property String that search was performed on Microsoft n/a
inRange() OM Method Is range within current range? Microsoft n/a
INS HTML Object Inserted text object Microsoft n/a
isEqual() OM Method Is range identical to current range? Microsoft n/a
isFinite() JS Method Test for finite/infinite Microsoft n/a
isMap OM Property Get/set IsMap attribute of image maps Microsoft n/a
isNaN() JS Method Is non-number? Microsoft Netscape
italics() JS Method Insert <I> tags Microsoft Netscape
item() JS Method Single item in a collection Microsoft n/a
item() OM Method Get element from array Microsoft n/a
javaEnabled OM Property Determines if client browser does Java Microsoft Netscape
join() JS Method Convert array elements to string Microsoft Netscape
kbd HTML Object Keyboard-format text object Microsoft n/a
keyCode OM Property Get/set ASCII code of keypress Microsoft n/a
label HTML Object Label object Microsoft n/a
labeled JS Statement Statement identifier Microsoft Netscape
language OM Property Get script tag's LANGUAGE attribute Microsoft Netscape
lastIndex JS Property Position of last successful match Microsoft n/a
lastIndexOf() JS Method Last occurrence of substring in a string Microsoft Netscape
lastModified OM Property Date/time document last modified Microsoft Netscape
layer OM Collection All layers n/a Netscape
lbound() JS Method Lowest index value in an array Microsoft n/a
left OM Property Get/set element's left position Microsoft n/a
leftMargin OM Property Get/set document left margin Microsoft n/a
length OM Property Number of items in collection or array Microsoft Netscape
length (array) JS Property Number of items in an array Microsoft Netscape
length (Function) JS Property How many function arguments? Microsoft n/a
length (string) JS Property Length of a string Microsoft Netscape
letterSpacing OM Property Get/set style letter spacing Microsoft n/a
li HTML Object List item object Microsoft n/a
lineHeight OM Property Get/set style lineHeight attribute Microsoft n/a
link OM Property Get/set color of unvisited hyperlinks Microsoft n/a
link HTML Object Link object Microsoft Netscape
link() JS Method Insert <A HREF> tags Microsoft Netscape
linkColor OM Property Get/set unvisited hyperlink color Microsoft Netscape
links OM Collection All hyperlinks Microsoft Netscape
listing HTML Object Listing object Microsoft n/a
LN10 JS Property Natural logarithm of 10 Microsoft Netscape
LN2 JS Property Natural logarithm of 2 Microsoft Netscape
location HTML Object Current URL object Microsoft Netscape
location OM Property Location of current page Microsoft Netscape
locationBar OM Property Show/hides Navigator Address bar n/a Netscape
log() JS Method Natural logarithm Microsoft Netscape
LOG10E JS Property Base-10 logarithm of e Microsoft Netscape
LOG2E JS Property Base-2 logarithm of e Microsoft Netscape
loop OM Property Get/set multimedia play repetition Microsoft n/a
lowsrc OM Property Get/set image low-res rsource Microsoft Netscape
map OM Property Get/set map associated with image Microsoft n/a
map HTML Object Image map object Microsoft n/a
margin OM Property Get style margin attribute Microsoft n/a
marginBottom OM Property Get style marginBottom attribute Microsoft n/a
marginHeight OM Property Get/set frame's top and bottom margins Microsoft n/a
marginLeft OM Property Get style marginLeft setting Microsoft n/a
marginRight OM Property Get style's marginRight setting Microsoft n/a
marginTop OM Property Get style marginTop setting Microsoft n/a
marginWidth OM Property Get/set frame margins Microsoft n/a
marquee HTML Object Scrolling text object Microsoft n/a
match() JS Method Perform search on a string Microsoft Netscape
Math JS Object Provides math functionality Microsoft Netscape
max() JS Method Largest of two values Microsoft Netscape
MAX_VALUE JS Property Largest number in JavaScript Microsoft Netscape
maxLength OM Property Get/set max characters in textbox Microsoft n/a
menu HTML Object Menu list object Microsoft n/a
menubar OM Property Show/hide menu bar n/a Netscape
meta HTML Object Header tag object Microsoft n/a
method OM Property Get/set how form data should be sent Microsoft Netscape
Methods OM Property Get/set METHODS attribute Microsoft n/a
mimeType OM Property Get object/document mime type n/a Netscape
min() JS Method Smallest of two values Microsoft Netscape
MIN_VALUE JS Property Smallest JavaScript number, about 2.22E-308 Microsoft Netscape
move() OM Method Move the range over text Microsoft n/a
moveBy() OM Method Move the window by specified amount n/a Netscape
moveEnd() OM Method Grow or shrink range from end Microsoft n/a
moveFirst() JS Method Go to first item in a collection Microsoft n/a
moveNext() JS Method Next item in a collection Microsoft n/a
moveStart() OM Method Grow or shrink range from start Microsoft n/a
moveTo() OM Method Move window to specified coordinates n/a Netscape
multiple OM Property Get/set <SELECT> tag MULTIPLE attribute Microsoft n/a
name OM Property Window, frame, control, bookmark or applet name Microsoft Netscape
NaN JS Property Not a Number Microsoft n/a
NaN JS Property Not a Number Microsoft Netscape
navigate() OM Method Navigate to a new URL Microsoft n/a
navigator HTML Object Client's browser Microsoft Netscape
NEGATIVE_INFINITY JS Property Value smaller than smallest JavaScript number Microsoft Netscape
new JS Operator Create new object Microsoft Netscape
nextid HTML Object Editing software object Microsoft n/a
noHref OM Property Neutralize a hot spot Microsoft n/a
noResize OM Property Get/set visitor's ability to size frames Microsoft n/a
noShade OM Property Get/set Shade attribute of horizontal rule Microsoft n/a
noWrap OM Property Get/set table cell word-wrap Microsoft n/a
Number JS Object Number data type Microsoft Netscape
Object JS Object Convert data type to an object Microsoft Netscape
object HTML Object Embedded object Microsoft n/a
ol HTML Object Ordered list object Microsoft n/a
onabort OM Event Fires when image download aborts Microsoft Netscape
onafterupdate OM Event Fires after data update Microsoft n/a
onbeforeunload OM Event Fires just before page closes Microsoft n/a
onbeforeupdate OM Event Fires before data is changed Microsoft n/a
onblur OM Event Fires when cursor leaves control Microsoft Netscape
onbounce OM Event Fires when text in marquee bounces Microsoft n/a
onchange OM Event Fires when user changes and leaves a field Microsoft Netscape
onclick OM Event Fires when element is clicked Microsoft Netscape
ondataavailable OM Event Fires as data arrives from a source Microsoft n/a
ondatasetchanged OM Event Fires when recordset changes Microsoft n/a
ondatasetcomplete OM Event Fires when data source is available Microsoft n/a
ondblclick OM Event Fires when object double-clicked Microsoft Netscape
onerror OM Event Fires in response to an error Microsoft Netscape
onfocus OM Event Fires when control receives focus Microsoft Netscape
onkeydown OM Event Fires when user first presses a key Microsoft Netscape
onkeypress OM Event Fires when user presses a key Microsoft Netscape
onkeyup OM Event Fires when user releases a key Microsoft Netscape
onload OM Event Fires when a web page is loaded Microsoft Netscape
onmousedown OM Event Fires when user presses a mouse button Microsoft Netscape
onmousemove OM Event Fires when mouse pointer moves across item Microsoft Netscape
onmouseout OM Event Fires when the mouse pointer leaves object Microsoft Netscape
onmouseover OM Event Fires when mouse pointer is over element Microsoft Netscape
onmouseup OM Event Fires when user releases mouse button Microsoft Netscape
onMove OM Event Fires when a window/frame is moved n/a Netscape
onreadystatechange OM Event Fires when object's ready status changes Microsoft n/a
onreset OM Event Fires when the user resets a form Microsoft n/a
onresize OM Event Fires when user resizes a window/frame n/a Netscape
onrowenter OM Event Fires when databound row changes Microsoft n/a
onrowexit OM Event Fires on exiting databound row Microsoft n/a
onscroll OM Event Fires when scroll bar is moved Microsoft n/a
onselect OM Event Fires when dragging cursor though text Microsoft Netscape
onstart OM Event Fires at the start of every marquee loop Microsoft n/a
onsubmit OM Event Fires when user submits a form Microsoft Netscape
onunload OM Event Fires when reader leaves page Microsoft Netscape
open() OM Method Open new window or text stream Microsoft Netscape
opener OM Property Name of the calling browser window Microsoft Netscape
Operator Precedence JS Operator Order of precedence Microsoft n/a
option HTML Object Drop-down list item object Microsoft n/a
options OM Collection All options in SELECT tag Microsoft Netscape
outerheight OM Property Window height in pixels n/a Netscape
outerHTML OM Property Get/set element and outer HTML tags Microsoft n/a
outerText OM Property Get/set text of the current element Microsoft n/a
outerWidth OM Property Window width in pixels n/a Netscape
overflow OM Property Get/set overflow attribute of style Microsoft n/a
p HTML Object Paragraph object Microsoft n/a
pageXOffset OM Property Page's x-position in pixels n/a Netscape
pageYOffset OM Property Page's y-position in pixels n/a Netscape
param HTML Object Parameter for APPLET, EMBED, or OBJECT Microsoft n/a
parent OM Property Name of object one level up Microsoft Netscape
parentElement OM Property Parent to current element Microsoft n/a
parse() JS Method Number of milliseconds since 1/1/70 Microsoft Netscape
parseFloat() JS Method Convert String to Floating-point Microsoft Netscape
parseInt() JS Method Convert String to Integer Microsoft Netscape
password HTML Object Form field for typing a passwords Microsoft Netscape
pasteHTML OM Method Paste text and HTML tags into range Microsoft n/a
pathname OM Property Get/set pathname portion of URL Microsoft Netscape
personalbar OM Property Show/hide Directories bar n/a Netscape
PI JS Property PI, approximately 3.14159 Microsoft Netscape
plaintext HTML Object Fixed-width text object Microsoft n/a
platform OM Property Client machine platform n/a Netscape
plugins OM Collection All embedded plug-ins Microsoft Netscape
port OM Property Get/set port portion of a URL Microsoft Netscape
posHeight OM Property Get/set css top property as float Microsoft n/a
position OM Property Type of positioning used by an element Microsoft n/a
POSITIVE_INFINITY JS Property Value larger than highest JavaScript number Microsoft Netscape
posLeft OM Property Get/set css left property as a float Microsoft n/a
posTop OM Property Get/set css top property as float Microsoft n/a
posWidth OM Property Get/set css width property as a float Microsoft n/a
pow() JS Method Base expression taken to a power Microsoft Netscape
pre HTML Object Preformatted text object Microsoft n/a
preference() JS Method Get/set Netscape user preferences n/a Netscape
print() OM Method Prints the window's contents n/a Netscape
prompt() OM Method Display Prompt message box Microsoft Netscape
protocol OM Property Get/set protocol portion of a URL Microsoft Netscape
prototype JS Property Prototype of a class of objects Microsoft Netscape
Q HTML Object Quotation object Microsoft n/a
queryCommandEnabled OM Method Query command available? Microsoft n/a
queryCommandIndeterm OM Method Is query command in indeterminate state? Microsoft n/a
queryCommandState OM Method Returns current state of a command id Microsoft n/a
queryCommandSupported OM Method Status of current command Microsoft n/a
radio HTML Object One radio button in a set of buttons Microsoft Netscape
random() JS Method Random number between 0 and 1 Microsoft Netscape
readOnly OM Property Get/set element's read-only status Microsoft n/a
recordset OM Property Get recordset from data provider Microsoft n/a
referrer OM Property Get URL of the previous location Microsoft Netscape
RegExp JS Object Store information on pattern searches Microsoft Netscape
Regular Expression JS Object Regular expression pattern Microsoft n/a
rel OM Property Get/set REL= attribute of <LINK> tag Microsoft n/a
releaseEvents() OM Method Sets the document or window to release events n/a Netscape
reload() OM Method Reloads the current page Microsoft Netscape
remove() OM Method Remove element from collection Microsoft n/a
removeMember OM Method Prevents attribute from being persisted n/a Netscape
replace() OM Method Replace document and history session Microsoft Netscape
replace() JS Method Replace text within a string Microsoft Netscape
reset HTML Object Reset button on a form Microsoft Netscape
reset() OM Method Sets form fields back to their initial values Microsoft Netscape
resizeBy() OM Method Resize the window by amount n/a Netscape
resizeTo() OM Method Resize the window to size n/a Netscape
return JS Statement Value returned by a function Microsoft Netscape
returnValue OM Property Specifies return value for event or dialog Microsoft Netscape
rev OM Property Get/set REV= attribute in <LINK> tag Microsoft n/a
reverse() JS Method Reverses array elements Microsoft Netscape
round() JS Method Round a number to nearest integer Microsoft Netscape
routeEvent() OM Method Pass captured event along normal hierarchy n/a Netscape
rows OM Property Get/set horizontal frames or textarea height Microsoft n/a
rows OM Collection All table rows Microsoft n/a
rowSpan OM Property Get/set the number of rows cell spans Microsoft n/a
rules OM Collection All rules in a style sheet Microsoft n/a
rules OM Property Get/set table inner lines Microsoft n/a
s HTML Object Strikethrough text object Microsoft n/a
samp HTML Object Sample text object Microsoft n/a
screen HTML Object Screen object Microsoft Netscape
script HTML Object Script object Microsoft n/a
ScriptEngine JS Function Client's current scripting engine Microsoft n/a
ScriptEngineBuildVersion JS Function Version number of scripting engine Microsoft n/a
ScriptEngineMajorVersion JS Function Client scripting engine major version Microsoft n/a
ScriptEngineMinorVersion JS Function Client scripting engine minor version Microsoft n/a
scripts OM Collection All scripts Microsoft n/a
scroll OM Property Get/set scrollbar appearance Microsoft n/a
scroll() OM Method Scroll window to specified xy offset Microsoft Netscape
scrollAmount OM Property Get/set marquee scrolls distance Microsoft n/a
scrollbars OM Property Show/hide scrollbars n/a Netscape
scrollBy() OM Method Scroll window by a specified amount n/a Netscape
scrollDelay OM Property Get/set marquee scroll delay Microsoft n/a
scrollHeight OM Property Get/set height that can be viewed using scrollbars Microsoft n/a
scrolling OM Property Get/set scrolling ability of frames Microsoft n/a
scrollLeft OM Property Distance between left edge of visible/logical forms Microsoft n/a
scrollTo() OM Method Scroll window to a specified place Microsoft Netscape
scrollTop OM Property Distance between top edge of visible/logical forms Microsoft n/a
scrollWidth OM Property Get/set page scrolling width Microsoft n/a
search OM Property Get/set search portion of the URL Microsoft Netscape
search() JS Method Search a string Microsoft Netscape
select HTML Object Drop-down list object Microsoft Netscape
select() OM Method Selects form field contents Microsoft n/a
selected OM Property Get/set default drop-down list option Microsoft n/a
selectedIndex OM Property Item currently chosen in a select box Microsoft Netscape
selection HTML Object Currently selected object Microsoft n/a
self OM Property Returns current window object Microsoft Netscape
setDate() JS Method Sets Date object to new date Microsoft Netscape
setFullYear() JS Method Sets 4-digit year of Date object Microsoft n/a
setHours() JS Method Sets current hour of Date object Microsoft Netscape
setInterval() OM Method Set repeating pause n/a Netscape
setMilliseconds() JS Method Sets current milliseonds of Date object Microsoft n/a
setMinutes() JS Method Sets current minute of Date object Microsoft Netscape
setMonth() JS Method Sets current month of Date object Microsoft Netscape
setSeconds() JS Method Sets current second of Date object Microsoft Netscape
setTime() JS Method Convert milliseconds to date object Microsoft Netscape
setTimeout() OM Method Pause for x milliseconds Microsoft Netscape
setUTCDate() JS Method Sets current UTC date of Date object Microsoft n/a
setUTCFullYear() JS Method Sets current UTC year of Date object Microsoft n/a
setUTCHours() JS Method Sets current UTC hour of Date object Microsoft n/a
setUTCMilliseconds() JS Method Sets current UTC milliseconds of Date object Microsoft n/a
setUTCMinutes() JS Method Sets current UTC minutes of Date object Microsoft n/a
setUTCMonth() JS Method Sets current UTC month of Date object Microsoft n/a
setUTCSeconds() JS Method Sets current UTC second of Date object Microsoft n/a
setYear() JS Method Sets current year of Date object Microsoft Netscape
shape OM Property Get/set hot spot shape Microsoft n/a
shiftKey OM Property Get state of the Shift key Microsoft n/a
showModalDialog OM Method Display HTML dialog box Microsoft n/a
sin() JS Method Sine Microsoft Netscape
size OM Property Get/set size of horizontal rule, font, or control Microsoft n/a
slice() (array) JS Method Returns section of an array Microsoft Netscape
slice() (string) JS Method Returns section of a string Microsoft Netscape
small HTML Object Small text object Microsoft n/a
small() JS Method Insert <SMALL> tags Microsoft Netscape
sort() JS Method Sort an array Microsoft Netscape
source JS Property Text of regular expression pattern Microsoft n/a
sourceIndex OM Property Position of an element within collection Microsoft n/a
span OM Property Get/set number of table columns in group Microsoft n/a
span HTML Object Text span object Microsoft n/a
splice() JS Method Add/remove array elements n/a Netscape
split() JS Method Convert string to an array Microsoft Netscape
sqrt() JS Method Square root Microsoft Netscape
SQRT1_2 JS Property Square root of 0.5 Microsoft Netscape
SQRT2 JS Property Square root of 2 Microsoft Netscape
src OM Property Get/set URL of image or multimedia file Microsoft Netscape
srcElement OM Property Gets the deepest element that fired event Microsoft n/a
start OM Property Get/set the number of first list item Microsoft n/a
start() OM Method Starts scrolling marquee text Microsoft n/a
status OM Property Get/set status bar message Microsoft Netscape
statusbar OM Property Show/hide status bar n/a Netscape
stop() OM Method Stop marquee activity Microsoft n/a
strike HTML Object Strikout text object Microsoft n/a
strike() JS Method Insert <STRIKE> tags Microsoft Netscape
string JS Function Convert an option to a string n/a Netscape
String JS Object Allows operations on text Microsoft Netscape
strong HTML Object Strong text object Microsoft n/a
style OM Property Get/set inline style sheet for a tag Microsoft n/a
style HTML Object Style settings object Microsoft n/a
style HTML Object Style sheet object Microsoft n/a
stylesheet HTML Object Single style sheet object Microsoft n/a
styleSheets OM Collection All style sheet objects Microsoft n/a
sub HTML Object Subscripted text object Microsoft n/a
sub() JS Method Insert <SUB> (subscript) tags Microsoft Netscape
submit HTML Object Submit button on a form Microsoft Netscape
submit() OM Method Submit a form Microsoft Netscape
substr() JS Method Isolate a portion of a string Microsoft Netscape
substring() JS Method Isolate a portion of a string Microsoft Netscape
suffixes OM Property Get MIME filename suffixes n/a Netscape
sup HTML Object Superscripted text object Microsoft n/a
sup() JS Method Insert <SUP> (superscript) tags Microsoft Netscape
switch JS Statement Conditional execution (case..) Microsoft Netscape
tabIndex OM Property Get/set tab position of form field Microsoft n/a
table HTML Object Table object Microsoft n/a
tagName OM Property Get tag used to format the current element Microsoft n/a
tags() OM Method Collection of elements for the tag Microsoft n/a
tan() JS Method Tangent Microsoft Netscape
target OM Property Get/set TARGET= attribute Microsoft Netscape
tbodies OM Collection All TBODY objects Microsoft n/a
tbody HTML Object Table body object Microsoft n/a
td HTML Object Table cell object Microsoft n/a
test() JS Method Test whether a pattern exists in a string Microsoft n/a
text OM Property Text in an <OPTION> tag, or text color Microsoft Netscape
text HTML Object Single-line text field on a form Microsoft Netscape
textAlign OM Property Get/set style textAlign attribute Microsoft n/a
textarea HTML Object Multi-line textbox object Microsoft Netscape
textDecoration OM Property Get/set style textDecoration attribute Microsoft n/a
textDecorationLineThrough OM Property Get/set LineThrough style Microsoft n/a
textDecorationOverline OM Property Get/set Overline attribute of style Microsoft n/a
textDecorationUnderline OM Property Get/set Underline attribute of style Microsoft n/a
textIndent OM Property Style's textIndent attribute Microsoft n/a
TextRange HTML Object Text object Microsoft n/a
textTransform OM Property Get style textTransform setting Microsoft n/a
tfoot HTML Object Table footer object Microsoft n/a
th HTML Object Table header object Microsoft n/a
thead HTML Object Table header object Microsoft n/a
this JS Statement Current object Microsoft Netscape
title HTML Object Title bar text object Microsoft n/a
title OM Property Get/set element's tooltip Microsoft n/a
toArray() JS Method Converts VBArray to JScript array Microsoft n/a
toElement OM Property Element being moved to Microsoft n/a
toGMTString() JS Method Convert date to Greenwich Meridian Time Microsoft Netscape
toLocaleString() JS Method Convert date to client local format Microsoft Netscape
toLowerCase() JS Method Convert text to lowercase Microsoft Netscape
toolbar OM Property Show/hide toolbar n/a Netscape
top OM Property Get style or window top attribute Microsoft Netscape
topMargin OM Property Get/set <BODY> tag TOPMARGIN attribute Microsoft n/a
toString() JS Method String representation of an object Microsoft Netscape
toUpperCase() JS Method Convert text to uppercase Microsoft Netscape
toUTCString() JS Method Convert date to Universal Coordinated Time Microsoft n/a
tr HTML Object Table row object Microsoft n/a
tt HTML Object Teletype (fixed-width font) object Microsoft n/a
type OM Property Get/set appearance of ordered list Microsoft n/a
typeof JS Operator Data type of an expression Microsoft Netscape
u HTML Object Underlined text object Microsoft n/a
ubound() JS Method Highest index value in a VBArray Microsoft n/a
ul HTML Object Unordered list object Microsoft n/a
unescape() JS Method Decode Unicode escaped characters Microsoft Netscape
unwatch() OM Method Deactivate Netscape JavaScript debugger n/a Netscape
upload HTML Object File upload object n/a Netscape
url OM Property Get URL of document Microsoft Netscape
urn OM Property Uniform Resource Name for a target Microsoft n/a
useMap OM Property Get/set picture as a client-side image map Microsoft n/a
userAgent OM Property Client browser Microsoft Netscape
userProfile HTML Object User's profile object Microsoft n/a
utc() JS Method Milliseconds since 1/1/70 in UTC Microsoft n/a
vAlign OM Property Get/set table row vertical alignment Microsoft n/a
value OM Property Get/set contents of a form field Microsoft Netscape
valueOf() JS Method Primitive value of a object Microsoft Netscape
var HTML Object Small fixed-width text object Microsoft n/a
var JS Statement Declare a new variable Microsoft Netscape
VBArray JS Object Access to Visual Basic safe arrays Microsoft n/a
verticalAlign OM Property Get/set vertical alignment of style Microsoft n/a
visibility OM Property Get/set style visibility attribute Microsoft n/a
vLink OM Property Get/set visited hyperlink color Microsoft n/a
vLinkColor OM Property Get/set color of visited hyperlinks Microsoft Netscape
void JS Operator Returns Undefined from an expression Microsoft Netscape
vspace OM Property Size of vertical margins Microsoft Netscape
watch() OM Method Activate Netscape JavaScript debugger n/a Netscape
while JS Statement Looping Microsoft Netscape
width OM Property Get width of screen or element Microsoft Netscape
window HTML Object Browser object Microsoft Netscape
with JS Statement Reference to an object Microsoft Netscape
write() OM Method Types text into the HTML document Microsoft Netscape
writeln OM Method Types text followed by newline character Microsoft Netscape
x OM Property Get/set mouse pointer horizontal position Microsoft n/a
xmp HTML Object Example text object Microsoft n/a
y OM Property Get mouse pointer vertical position Microsoft n/a
zIndex OM Property Get/set style z-Index attribute Microsoft n/a
zOrder() OM Method Set stacking level with layers Microsoft n/a


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